Hi there!


This month we are introducing a new Analytics API - an aggregation API that crosses ALL our resources in the following form: /totals/<resource name>


The Analytics API enables you to retrieve aggregated results from thousands of records, within a few seconds, grouped by any API field name and filtered by any SQL-Style applicable.


See for example the Transaction Lines Totals,   the Inventory Totals and once again - ALL Pepperi resources now include the totals API.


So, lets take a look at one good example  - let's say I want to build a nice Pie Chart of Sales per Brand. To get this data all I need to do is perform the following request :


GET /v1.0/totals/transaction_lines?select=sum(Transaction.GrandTotal) as SumGrandTotal&group_by=Item.MainCategoryID as Brand


The result would be : 

    "Brand": "Nike",
    "SumGrandTotal": 136100326.83340874
    "Brand": "Adidas",
    "SumGrandTotal": 142329502.61878213
    "Brand": "Reebok",
    "SumGrandTotal": 609653.4861999999


Homework - what API request would it take to build the attached Pie Chart of Sales Per Country? cool


That's it for this release - I am sure you'll enjoy our Analytics API - it saves a lot of coding work and even more iportantly - retrieves results MUCH FASTER.


Happy integrating!


Yossi Rotlevy

VP of Data Integration & Co-Founder