The Pepperi Developer Center contains API Documentation, references, and resources needed to integrate your application with Pepperi using the Pepperi API.

Using the Pepperi API you can automate the integration of Pepperi to your back-end systems, Provide BI Analysis to your business users or perform other automated B2B-ecommerce tasks.

The Pepperi API is based on a RESTful architecture, and as such is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

It also uses built-in HTTP features, like HTTP verbs, which can be understood and used by off-the-shelf HTTP clients.

The API supports the JSON Media Type and uses UTF-8 character encoding.

All connections to the API require authentication, and are secured by TLS encryption.

Steps to start working with the API -

  1. Register to this web site - it's free!
  2. Create a new App - and get an API "Consumer Key"
  3. Make your first API Request to get a Pepperi company API Access Token , using company/apitoken.
    1. Provide Pepperi Admin User name and Password.
    2. Get back a Pepepri company API token.
  4. Start making API requests using user name "TokenAuth" and your API Token as password + Your App Consumer Key as the X-Pepperi-ConsumerKey header value.

Or..just watch this video

The above section is intended for developers who want to immediately start developing and testing private apps for a particular company.

If your ultimate goal is to distribute apps on the Pepperi Plugin Directory, please refer to the instructions under Publishing Apps on the Pepperi Plugin Directory.



Some API endpoints or methods are still in Beta. Please pay attention to the {Beta} tag on the method description. Beta methods are subject to changes within a short time from an email notification.