Requests to the Pepperi API have the following rules:
Maximum 250 records could be retutned in each GET request.
POST - Bulk upload:
A maximum of 100,000 records is allowed per each bulk Upload API call.
In case you need to upload a larger set of data you will need to seperate it to few requests . make sure the overwrite query parameter is set to none (the default)
Maximum requests:
Pepperi limits the number of API calls an app can make to our APIs to:
  • 60 calls per 1 minute.
  • 1 call per 1 second.
  • Total of 5,000 calls per day.
These limits help to manage load on our servers, ensuring that high API request volumes don’t impact on overall Pepperi servers performance.
They also help to protect Pepperi accounts from deliberate or accidental denial of service as a result of the API being flooded with requests.