I am new to the Pepperi Developer Center , how do I start using your API? 

The Pepperi Developer Center contains our API documentation as well as a Playground to get real data from the API without coding. If you are a developer building an integration for your company your first steps should be:
  1. Register to this web site - it's free!
  2. Create a new App - and get an API "Consumer Key"
  3. Make your first API Request to get a Pepperi company API Access Token , using company/apitoken.
    1. Provide Pepperi Admin User name and Password.
    2. Get back a Pepepri company API token.
  4. Start making API requests using user name "TokenAuth" and your API Token as password.
Or..just watch this video

I am entering the correct credentials and no matter what I do I still get an Unauthorized response

  1. When using the API "Playground" of this web site you should always enter FIRST THE API KEY and LATER THE USER AND PASSWORD then press "Send this request" button.
  2. Only the /company/apitoken uses the Pepperi admin email and password - all the other APIs are using "TokenAuth" as user name and the API Token returned by /company/apitoken ‚Äč as password.


Is your API opened for use on the Trial Account?

Yes. The API is opened for all Account Plans - including the Trial.