Developer Update – January 2020

Developer Update – January 2020

We have recently added a very important set of APIs named : “Bulk Export Resources”.

What is so dramatic about these APIs ? Well, up until now you used to do “paging” over lots of pages in order to fetch a large set of data.

With the new “Bulk Export” option the paging is no longer needed! and the results will be retrieved X10 times faster – and even more!

The concept of the “Bulk Export” APIs is quite similar to the “Bulk Upload” concept – since both are “Async APIs” – so you should all find it easy to work with.

Along with this release, we have also updated our GitHub C# SDK and added to the BaseEndPoint the ExportAsyncReponse function:

Happy integrating!


Yossi Rotlevy

VP, Data Integration & CO-Founder

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