Below is a list of API new features and bug fixes we had recently released:


1.  We have added another GET endpoint to the Activities Resource that returns all_activities - including CRM activities and Sales Transactions in a single GET method - this is very usuful in case you are displaying these activities in a user interface and would like to page over the merged results . take a look here


2. We have added a "ModificationDate" field to all resources , to help you get only objects that were modified since last time you fetched the data or from a specific date and time.


3.  Well, this is mainly a new feature of the API but also a bug fix of the developer center - as some of you found out - you could not upload from the developer center CSV Zip files until now - well - now you can - this is because the swagger implements file upload using the Content-Type multipart/form-data - so we have now added support for all bulk uploads using both application/zip and multipart/form-data‚Äč.


4.  We fixed a bug in the POST transaction_lines - user defined fields could not be updated from within the transaction resource - now they can be updated just like any other transaction line fields.


5.  C# Client Library - We have added another Demo project - a WinForm Demo project that demonstates the advantages of working with the SDK in the use case of data binding.


That's it for this release - Happy integrating!


Yossi Rotlevy

VP of Data Integration & CO-Founder