This month we are happy to release a very important feature that many of you have been asking for, for a long time…
It is a new query parameter added to all of our GET resources, named is_distinct
It is especially useful when you are writing a web site on top of our API in real-time.
​When you set is_distinct = true you retrieve only the distinct values of the fields requesed on the fields parameter.

This way you can fetch our categories dynamically and provide a dynamic drill down to an unlimited number of sub categories.

For example:



    "MainCategoryID": "GAP"
    "MainCategoryID": "TOMMY"
    "MainCategoryID": "REPUBLIC BANANA"

The Pepperi Official .Net C# SDK was updated as well to support this new feature.

That’s it for this release – Happy integrating!
Yossi Rotlevy, VP of Data Integration & CO-Founder

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