Here are some great new features and improvements we had recently released:


1.  We have added another GET endpoint to the Account Resource that returns account_sellout - which returns your items sales at your customer's - known in the retail industry as "sellout information". The way you get this information is using "inventory count" feature in the Pepperi Mobile App which calculates the latest account inventory minus the stock count numbers . take a look here


2. We had fixed a bug in the GET /company/apitoken where unauthorized requests used to return HTTP status 200 and a blank APIToken - now it returns 401 unauthorized and a JSON error object as it should.


3.  We had improved performance of GET /items - we were having certain performance issues  with the item's images that even led in rare cases to timeouts - it is now running a lot faster and no more timeouts!


4.  C# SDK - we had an issue with bulk upload of User Defined Tables - it is resolved and GitHub project is updated.


That's it for this release - Happy integrating!


Yossi Rotlevy

VP of Data Integration & CO-Founder